Living With The Unbearable 

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and have a pep talk with myself either it’s to get through the day or even the week because sometimes life isn’t always amazing, you have to talk your way through the bad even if you look insane while doing it. 

My life isn’t unbearable, but at times in can be. That’s why you have to close your eyes and count to ten then start over because you can always deal with something even if it’s unbearable for ten seconds. 

Every week is a new beginning it’s up to you to choose how it starts, live in the moment because there’s a chance that’s all you have left. 

Don’t Take Your Life For Granted 

Why is it that people can’t sleep when something is going on in their life? 

Why can’t sleep be the one constant thing in life because we have to go through so many changes that we don’t want to changed. 

Sleep for many people is easy, but for people like me, well let’s just say we don’t expect to sleep that often.

People take there life’s for granted; there sleep for granted and most importantly the people who grew up with them either their siblings or best friends because they always expected them to always be there, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way things always have to change. 

I thought my life would be the same as it always was and it killed me when I figured out that change was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. 

That’s why I’m telling you, don’t you dare make the same mistake I made. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted, I’m telling you this because I realized that a little to late. 

The Normal Eventful Practice 

I have had an eventful practice to say the least. 

I love practicing, but sometimes it just leaving you crying on the gym floor (I didn’t cry it was just a metaphor) if i did that I think my coach would have killed me or yelled at me at least. 

the beginning of practice was pretty normal we stretched and did our warm up. we went to our first Event which was vault everything was pretty normal and I was fine. 

Then we went to bars, oh how I hate bars all they do is tear up your skin and leave bruises on your legs.

 After I did my kip my hand started to bleed pretty bad, I told my coach and then I got my self cleaned up and went back to the floor to condition. 

after I conditioned I went to beam and after about 20 minutes, half of the lights turned off just out of the bule. 

They had to turn all of the off to have the all back up and running again, so the whole team sat in the middle of the floor in a circle playing telephone. 

It’s was a normal eventful practice at the gym. 

“The Flash” And Evil Phone Chargers

Today I realize something my phone chargers are against me. 

Ever since I got my iPhone 6 my chargers like to play little game and just break on me. 

I was about to watch the flash on my phone all night because I’m trying to catch up with my best friend, but now I have to watch it on my desktop, the insanity. 

“The Flash” is an amazing show I would strongly recommend watching. On the first episode I got addicted, I watched seven episodes last night. 

I also kinda relate to the main character and I might be in love with him, no one needs to know the details, really. 

Anyways it’s an amazing show it’s on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it. 

Pizza Competition

I don’t like to lose even if I have to get sick to win and that’s exactly what I did today, well I didn’t get sick, but I got close. 

For my birthday party I went to my favorite buffet, CiCi’s because I’m a southerner and we southerner’s love to eat. 

Now I chose to skip breakfast because we always have a competition to see who could eat the most pizzas. 

It’s not the best food to eat endlessly for hours, but if you practice you learn some tricks and lucky for me I was completing against a newbie, that new nothing ( sorry bestie, but its true). 

We were head to head the whole time and I felt fine. I could tell she wanted to stop, but she didn’t want to lose against me like she always does, she was determined to beat me. 

But unfortunately her mom made her stop so I won by default, I felt bad for her, but I was proud that she could Keep up with me most of the time. 

The score was 25 pizzas to 23 pizzas. Then I had a big piece of birthday cake, best decision of the day it settled my stomach after all that Grease. 

Fight For What You Want

Do I have plans for myself in the future? Yes i’m pretty sure everyone does, here are some of mine.

After I graduate high school I want to go East Tennessee State University and get degree in art. 

After college I am planning on moving to Charleston, South Carolina with my best friend. 

A year later I am planning to move to Japan for year to Focus on getting my name out in the photography world. 

Once I get back I am hoping to get my dream job at National Geographic as a photographer. 

The only way any of this is going to happen is if I work for it. You’re not going to get what you want in life by moping around or just waiting for someone to hand you it so get out there and fight for what you want. 

The Little Impersonations

Why is it that we look at ourselves and point out all the little imperfections on our bodies and in our personalities and we make ourselves feel absolutely worthless especially as teenagers.

I don’t wear make up and I’m starting to want to because I want to cover up all the things that I think are imperfections that other people think that are beautiful and I am too busy looking at every little detail in my face and my body I can’t see how beautiful I am. 

I can’t be the only one am I? 

I shouldn’t change who I am or what I look like because I’m afraid of what people will think or say about me. 

I tell myself that no one actually cares about the little imperfections that you cry over at night, that you work your butt off to change. They are too busy doing the same thing to themselves. 
Everyone is beautiful and I know that’s  cliché, but it’s true and I’m slowly figuring it out myself.