Perfect is stressful.

I had the best day of my life yesterday, but that doesn’t mean it was perfect. 

I had a headache every so often during the whole day, my legs were hurting like heck and I lost my voice by the end of the night, so how was it the “best” day of my life?

Just because it wasn’t perfect and some bad things happened doesn’t mean the bad things made the great things even less fantastic, but it did make them more enjoyable. 

I was at holiday world and at the end of the night we went on the thunder bird and after we ran straight to the skillet concert because we were late. 

I realize that night, I need to stop trying to make everything so perfect because perfect can be stressful to achieve it it doesn’t always mean it’s better than everything.

I Am The Poet

I’m the poet for my friends I’m the one they go to if they need a poem written. This time it was about a friendship that finally came to a close. Why, did they want a poem I don’t know I just wrote and here it is…

“I know We believed we could make it work. 

with out the tears or the fears we could just lay it all out and nothing would hurt, but then a thing called doubt creeped in without you and me or anyone even noticing 

No, matter how much we tried we both began to slip and almost fall out the door of each other’s life’s 

You were so blinded by your insecurities that you didn’t notice that you were walking right out door of our friendship and it was coming to a close, but how would you know that I’m done with the tears and the pain that I held so dear. I’m tried of trying to keep the door held open just for tears so that’s it… I’m letting go, I’m letting the door come to a close.”

“Letter to and from Time” (Poem)

Dear Time,

I love it when you slow down time when I’m with him, but could you speed it up when I’m not? 

Could you speed up time when My mom doesn’t leave me alone and all she does is yell at me on the phone? Could you speed up time when I’m all alone? Could you speed up time when I’m in pain? Because I just wish I was in a better place could you help me out, come on give me a break. 

Time just do what I say.

Dear silly child, 

I am not here to be a slave, but a gift that can easily break. I am fragile, but So are you. 

 look around you your mom just wants to spend time with you, but you say you’re all alone, in pain? I am time, I have to kill people everyday, but you get to sleep without that feeling in your brain. “I want to go to a better place” Look around you and you will see your hometown isn’t as bad as you think it is to be. 

I am time, one thing you should remember I give before I take everything will be a memory it’s all just seconds away so all you have to do is wait and soon I just might take you away to a “better place.”

(I thought I would write something different than my normal poems because this was my 100th post!!!)

I Only Have Eleven Days To Live…

I have said this before, but who cares I’ll say it again. We take life for granted… blah blah blah.  

Hold up don’t zone out just yet, listen we complain about stupid things even I do. I do more than anyone I know, but for the next eleven days…

I’m going to live like it’s my last eleven days of my life and who knows it just might be (if I’m lucky, JUST KIDDING!) 

I’m doing this as a experiment, I’m not allowed to complain I have to live like I would if I only have eleven days to live. 

Will you do the experiment with me? 

My Dream Felt Like Days 

I had a dream, a dream that felt like days those are my favorites. 

He was there the guy I have been in love with since second grade. The guy I’m trying to get over and of course he’s in my dream. 

What happened in the dream? 

I was in a bus along with a whole bunch of people going to school and I was talking to my crush, it felt amazing and I was so happy like I used to be when I talked to him.When we got to the school he got off and a few seconds later so did I.

A lady was standing at the door and a few inches away were two older gentlemen and it was weird in that moment only when I was talking to them I knew it was a dream, but when I stepped into the school I had forgotten. It was like they were trying to do something, tell me something or I don’t know, I went to that school twice until I woke up. 

I Amost Died… 

I biked four miles in the rain today. Why, I really wanted to bike and not even rain will stop me, but a car just might. 

So I have a story…

I was riding on the edge of the road like you would do if there isn’t a sidewalk and there was a ditch right next to me so I had nowhere to go…

A car starting speeding up (and so did I because if I die I won’t die a scaredy-cat) and drove as close to me as they could almost killing me, and my response?

“Hey, you missed!”