I Have Never Had A Boyfriend 

I’m 15 and I have never had a boyfriend nor been on a date or even kissed a guy. In my home town that’s pretty sad. 

Everyone 15 looks like there 21 and I’m over here looking like a 5 year old. If anyone knew I haven’t done anything with a guy they would call me names and everything would change. 

I miss when you didn’t have to act differently around people you knew even if they wouldn’t really your friends.  I miss the old days. 


5 thoughts on “I Have Never Had A Boyfriend 

  1. I didn’t get my first kiss until I was 19 & my friend is 29 and she has never been kissed. It was considered odd at that time (10 years ago), but I can honestly say that I’m glad I waited for the right time to do it and the right person at the time.

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  2. Literally the same for me at the time. I still look like I’m in high school (in high school I definitely looked like a sixth grader). I didn’t have my first kiss until after graduation, and I didn’t have a boyfriend until 21! People thought I was crazy, but as other people have said I promise it gets better and is worth the wait!!

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  3. Hey lemme just tell you that times have changed so don’t worry about not having a boyfriend yet! All of my friends have never had boyfriends and they are in high school, some are gorgeous too, it just hasn’t happened yet. I feel like with the internet and with video games boys are more focused on those and having fun then spending time with a girl, in college or after college I’m told that guys are more focused and mature so don’t worry at all!

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