Sad Poems.

       We walk right by the people who are hurting the most inside, the people who need us there by there side. But we don’t care because we are Living our own lives. We don’t wanna spare a little change or any of our free time. Because we are selfish and we don’t need you in our lives, so we shut our mouths and walk right by.
       I’m drowning, but you can’t help me. You don’t understand, I’ll never get to land. Depression and anxiety have my hands, they’re dropping me off in the deep end. I can’t breathe, I start to believe I should just leave, but then I see you. And finally I understand, i have to learn how to live in the deep end until I get the strength to swim up to land and be with you once again. 
       The light that burns in the lantern that night, started to fade into the pit of night. The lantern was never dim, it always shined, but now it might be the time to say goodnight to the lantern who always shined bright, until that very last night. 
       Monsters will hide under your bed, but don’t forget there all just in your head. They will scare you breathless and will leave you helpless. The world will say “close your eyes and don’t be afraid.” But you know it doesn’t work that way, but they scream “lights out” anyways. Then it was time for the monsters to come back home again, they live in the darkness where you can’t help to fall in. 



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