Last night at my best friends house…

“I wish you all could hear the girls singing, giggling and cracking up laughing, right now. I’m going to miss, her when she goes home tomorrow. Sheila, if you ever want me to adopt her or have her stay for a week again, let me know! 😉 LOL I know you and your cats miss her too. Thanks for letting me keep her this week. <3”

That’s was my Best friends mom’s Facebook post. I am a very hard person to live with sometimes and she had to deal with me all week, my crazy clothes choices and all. 

My mother later replied to this post saying…

 “Yeah, I sent her messages letting her know I am missing her! Her response? ” I am not dead” – lol Thanks for having her.”

And her mothers reply was “yep, that sounds about right. That’s probably the response I would have gotten from my daughter too ;)”

It’s the last night here and we are just sitting on the bed singing Disney songs like awesome people do if I do say so myself.