Football Player Got Knocked out?!

Tonight in Portland they were playing against White House Tennessee and of course Portland, being the people they are had to start a fight and knocked a football player out at halftime.

Why no reason, but I think it was because they were losing. (come on guys this is why I don’t tell people where I’m from… and why I go to school In White House!) 

I live in Nashville and Portland, but I go through a school in White House… ( my life is never simple or easy to understand you will soon if not already figure that one out.) 


“The Devils Ocean.” (Poem) 

Everywhere I turn all I see is water from point A to point B, I’m just drifting away in boat that God made for me. 

He told me he had a plan for me, but my boat just popped and I’m sinking so where is he? He told me “ do not be afraid for I am with you” 

But I’m still drowning in the ocean that the devil made for me, but then I realized all I had to do is reach out and believe and he would save me from the ocean of the devils making. 

“The President…” (Poem) 

“He is blinded by myself he never truly sees anyone else” you say, but you are blind yourself, you can not see what he’s giving up to help you and I live better not just today, but for your whole life. 

He’s not a villain nor a hero, but at least he’s trying his best to make America great again what are you doing other than destroying the world you live in and you’re saying he’s the one who did this get this? 

you can make the world “greater” than this just by spreading happiness even to the world’s “worst” president.. 


My life just got a little more interesting… 

I’m not a person to talk about their feelings, but today is one of those days I have to… now, what happened? Don’t worry I’m getting there. 

Monday, September, twenty fifth was the day it all happened. 

The day I got asked out and not only that, but it was by the guy I have had a crush on forever, now. And you think when he asked me out I would be like “yes!” 

But that wasn’t my response, but why? (I did say yes, but not at the start.) 

Because I’m afraid he’s going to change his mind and realize he made a mistake by asking me out and then I’ll just be hurt and I like I said I don’t talk about my feelings..

But how do I feel about him? 

I like him a lot he’s the only person I want to talk to and the only person I make myself stop texting because I’m afraid to bug him too much. (I normally do not care btw)  

And I have been losing my mind because of him… I can’t stay focused on anything because all I’m doing is thinking about him ( don’t tell him I said that….) 

I don’t know how this will end or even start, but I’m here seat belts and all and ready for the ride. 

Dear, Me.

You need keep your eyes forward, stop looking back, It’s like you’re try to make your life bad. 

And stop being scared if you need to run through the nerves, do it, but don’t turn and walk the other way like you always do, trust me I know what’s best for you. 

You are beautiful and talented please stop looking at yourself with hate. This wise person once said “ if you wouldn’t do/ say to you best friend then don’t do/say it to yourself.” 

“You Are A Hufflepuff” (Poem)

You are a Hufflepuff proud and strong which means you are good at FINDING things that are really small.

You are loyal and kind, I hope you don’t FIND that surprising at all.

You FIND that you like hugging quite a lot especially the ones that make you feel warm and bright.

You are a Hufflepuff proud and strong, FINDING out you are the best house out of them all.

“A Place” (Poem)

“you are good enough, don’t you hear me?!”

my own words vanish before they could’ve even reached me and then I was lost in a place where no one could’ve reached me.

A place where i became my own worst enemy, a place where lies felt like reality and lies became the only thing i would believe and i was left searching for the light that was hiding away from me.

i finally found it, the light. But then i heard someone whispering behind me  “its a lie, you think you will be happy, but that’s not reality, you see.. if you walk out of here you’ll be broken and everyone will see. I’m just trying to protect you, don’t you believe me?”

I start to walk away from the light and back into “The place” that was all just a lie, but then I hear the words that drift into my ear…

“You are good enough.”

And that was all I needed to hear.