“Scars” (Poem) 

I need to get better, I have to get better, I have to be perfect. I need to succeed or I will be nothing, but the scars on my skin reminding me that I didn’t win, that I didn’t succeed, you scream. 

But when I look at you this is what I think… You don’t need to get better, You don’t HAVE to either, You are perfect, don’t you see.. Your scars that you despise are like snow flakes in the winter time none are the same, they are beautiful and you should not be ashamed. Just so you know you don’t have you win to be great you perfect in your own way. 


“You” (Poem) 

No one likes you, I don’t even like you.You type and type on a screen to afraid to speak. You are so afraid to fail, that you run away so you never succeed. You hate change, but that’s exactly what you need, grow up act your age. 

Do me a favor and pass a darn test, stop shaking your legs and actually think, why can’t you think? Are you a idiot because that’s what I think, “you are smarter than this” people tell you, but we all know that’s just not the truth you study and study, but test don’t lie you are dumb so don’t try, your just wasting your time. 

Look in the mirror you’re skin isn’t clear cover it up with some makeup. Stop, trying to shut me out because I’m always here. 

Love, your dear friend Anxiety. 

“Hashtag Stay Strong” (Poem) 

Everyone is looking down at their phones to busy to care that shootings are happening everywhere.

Oh I’m sorry I was “wrong” they just posted hashtag stay strong. Am I the only one who sees that people are in pain and in need for actual human beings, not for some tweets. They need hope, not some words on a screen. 

We all have problems and we all have pain, but maybe if we came together we would make the world a happier place. 

Writers block?!

I don’t have writers block like everyone thinks i do. I have a thing that I do called.. Procrastinating and I’m really good at it, you could call me a PRO-crastinator.

I have twinty nine days to finish my novel, I’m so dead.

The thing is… I always wait until I’m super tired to start THINKING about writing, so I never end up writing because I go to sleep instead and that happens every night ( so as you can see I don’t get anything done which is very, very bad.) 

So tomorrow I’m going to make myself write at least ten poems, of course not today because because I’m too TRIED…  I think i might be having deja vu, weird.

I promise, I won’t be too tried tomorrow, I just want to procrastinate like a normal teenager for one more day… 

Football Player Got Knocked out?!

Tonight in Portland they were playing against White House Tennessee and of course Portland, being the people they are had to start a fight and knocked a football player out at halftime.

Why no reason, but I think it was because they were losing. (come on guys this is why I don’t tell people where I’m from… and why I go to school In White House!) 

I live in Nashville and Portland, but I go through a school in White House… ( my life is never simple or easy to understand you will soon if not already figure that one out.) 

“The Devils Ocean.” (Poem) 

Everywhere I turn all I see is water from point A to point B, I’m just drifting away in boat that God made for me. 

He told me he had a plan for me, but my boat just popped and I’m sinking so where is he? He told me “ do not be afraid for I am with you” 

But I’m still drowning in the ocean that the devil made for me, but then I realized all I had to do is reach out and believe and he would save me from the ocean of the devils making. 

“The President…” (Poem) 

“He is blinded by myself he never truly sees anyone else” you say, but you are blind yourself, you can not see what he’s giving up to help you and I live better not just today, but for your whole life. 

He’s not a villain nor a hero, but at least he’s trying his best to make America great again what are you doing other than destroying the world you live in and you’re saying he’s the one who did this get this? 

you can make the world “greater” than this just by spreading happiness even to the world’s “worst” president..