Time Is Time.

I know I’m a night owl and I absolutely love night, but why do I stay up so late where I feel so tired i might pass out?

 I know it’s not healthy for me, but I do it anyways. 

Maybe it’s because I want to use as much of my time that I am given as possible, or maybe  I don’t want it to be morning because that means a new obstacle is on its way and I’m a little afraid what want that will be. 

Whatever the reason is I need to know this 

Everyday is a fresh start and yes they’re will be a few obstacles along the way, but if I don’t sleep I’m not going to be able to jump when they come my way.

And one other thing, time is time you shouldn’t be afraid of it you should befriend it. 

Open Your Eyes.

I tend to live in the past and that’s a really big problem of mine because if you do that you’ll never be truly happy because you aren’t really there. 
I kinda gave myself a pep talk I said…

 ” You need to stop this, I get it you miss what you had, but it’s time to reset your watch and start over. You have a amazing life and you are so blinded by the past that you can’t see the place you are wishing you were wasn’t your wish at the time you always lived in the past, always running back never forwards and that’s why you don’t smile when you close your eyes at night. Open your eyes, run forward never look back. You have a live to live with people you love, enjoy every minute.”

Myself In Others Eyes 

People say they like talking to me, it brightens there day. I talk to myself all the time it normally does the complete opposite so I don’t know what they’re talking about.

 (just kidding, maybe) 

But seriously I’m not that cool, I know a billions of other who are way cooler than me, but they choose me to talk to the girl who is currently laying in bed snuggling with her cats, good choice. 

It’s weird you always expect yourself to be better, prettier, or even smarter. You even pick yourself apart and break yourself down. (You don’t look at others that way and here’s a secret that don’t either.) 

“Your Eyes” 

Your eyes won’t tell lies, but you’re mouth does it all the time. You smile, but your eyes start to cry. 

You say you’re fine, when you’re eyes say “I’m getting ready to die.” 

You think you can hide behind your words so tears won’t show, but you forgot that your eyes show like Pinocchio’s nose. 

I Believe In Magic?!

I am a teenager Who believes in magic,not the little kid thinking of magic. The magic of happiness, laughter, and love.

Yeah, I know that sounds cliché, but hear me out.

Every teenager even if you’re a guy or a girl you dream of falling in love and being happy and some have to wait longer than others and some aren’t patient enough to wait they fell into the darkness and the pit was too deep to climb, so they ended it.

My magic is playing hide and seek and I’m not it, so i’m waiting in the darkness, until he to comes and find me.

I’m waiting for him to come, but what if he forgot about me?

Seven Gimini Facts!

I am a Gimini.

1. I think a lot even if has nothing to do with my life I still think about it. 

2. I say I don’t care about what people think when I really do. 

3. I don’t ever like to ask for help. ( I can do it all by myself I’m a single Pringle) 

4. I am not the type of person to just say “I love you” I will only say it if I mean it and even that terrifies me. 

5. I am very quiet around people I don’t trust. (Because us Gimini’s Are smart unlike you guys) 

6. When I’m sad I won’t speak. 

7. I’m not afraid to fall in love, I’m afraid to fall in love with the wrong person.  (Can I get a Amen!) 

I Worry A Lot. 

I want to sleep to close my eyes and rest and stop worrying about tomorrow, but everything in me is holding me back. 

I keep myself awake because tomorrow is full of more opticals I just want to slow down time, I don’t want my time to pass right by. 

Everyone tells me stop worrying and trun off the light, but I can’t. 

I feel like if I do I want be able to handle what’s going to happen the next day, that I’ll just break down in front of everyone. 

I know I shouldn’t worry and I tell myself everything will turn out fine, but I’m still not able to say goodnight.